Jacob Langman’s

Collection of Wood carved sculptures

(Small sculptures)

author of collection of wood carved sculptures

We have no idea what secrets the Nature is hiding from us. And what miracles it can create.

Wood carving is one of the things that bonds together men and the Nature through wood sculptures that created from roots, interlacing of branches or other wooden object.

Wood sculpture is a unique form of sculpture in this world of mass production.

About the the artist:

Jacob Langman is wood sculpture artist. He was born in Dnepropetrovsk(Ukraine), but now he lives in Israel.

He is master of decorative arts and crafts, who has been creating wood sculptures for almost 50 years already. His favorite materials are different types of tree roots. Each of his sculptures has its own character and vivid individuality. He participated in numerous art exhibitions.

In 1987 he was chosen to be a sole participant from Ukraine in trade exhibition that was held in Moscow’s VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy).

More than 250 of his sculptures were demonstrated in VDNKh pavilion no. 3.

Among those were: face masks, flowers, wooden figures of animals and birds, human statuettes – all of them ranging from 3 to 30 centimeters in size.

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